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LEED Certification

BBC 1 Plus

is the first certified green office building in Slovakia. Certification was carried out through the American system LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ) and the building received the second highest certification - LEED Gold.

For certification and evaluation system LEED buildings several aspects are assessed  - 1. sustainability, 2. water management, 3. energy consumption and the impact on air environment, 4. the materials and resources, 5. indoor environment quality, 6. innovative approach and 7. regional priorities.


Reduction of thermal gains and losses

Costs of heating, but especially of cooling represent a large portion of total operating costs of a building. The glass used on BBC 1 Plus has excellent isolation characteristics, which significantly contributes to the reduction of thermal intake in summer, and losses in winter, thus helping to achieve an economic operation of the building. In the south-ern and western sides, where the thermal gains are the greatest, BBC 1 Plus features semi-automatic exterior blinds.

Cooled ceiling system

Administrative premises are cooled with a cooled ceiling system, which naturally dissipates coolness into the environment and it gradually and evenly cools the individual offices. Unlike the usual cooling systems that use fan-coils, the cooled ceiling does not create unhealthy airflow, does not stir dust and does not create noise and it contributes to overall comfort and healthier working environment.

Green environment

The quality of interior environment in BBC 1 Plus is supported not only by the cooled ceiling system, but also by an air humidification system which improves air quality especially in winter. Heating is executed via low-heat radiators that heat up the premises evenly, without local overheating and undesired larger thermal differences within individual offices. The overall positive micro-climate is achieved also thanks to green roofs and terraces that make up over 50% of all roof area.

In order to reduce water consumption, the sanitary facilities feature economic faucets and flushers. Certain mutual premises are lighted with motion-activated sensors that reduce energy consumption as well. The building is prepared for waste separation. BBC 1 Plus also supports alternative modes of transportation – it offers bicycle stands and relevant accessories (changing rooms, showers).