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Quality of the indoor environment greatly affects work performance and health. Inappropriate building and technical solutions and the used technologies have a direct impact on the rise of various diseases, viral infections and allergies.

Unstable space heating, high noise levels but particularly inappropriate air-conditioning system can result in discomfort and health hazard. Air-conditioning systems often do not provide enough oxygen, but high levels of CO2 instead, which contributes to the development of headaches and allergies. The most important component that ensures the quality of indoor environment is a heat-humidity microclimate. Such environment is then manifested by fatigue, headache, and pain of neck and cervical lymph nodes.

Indoor office environment

Conditions for indoor climate environment is determined by the Law about the protection of Public Health. Subject responsible for the building management is required to ensure indoor air quality so there is no risk of stemming from physical, chemical, biological and other health harming factors. Architectonical solution of the building should create optimal climatic conditions. If it does not, technical equipment, such as air conditioning is needed. Insufficient control of air conditioning units can cause spreading of moulds.

Medical complications associated with poor quality of indoor environment

The most common health problems associated with the improper indoor environment especially for sensitive and allergic people include headache, fatigue, irritation of eyes, nose and throat. The term sick building syndrome was coined in this regard. It is a series of non-specific difficulties when people experience symptoms of the disease and discomfort inside the building, but after leaving the building, these symptoms subside or disappear.

Thanks to new trend of green buildings, the approaches leading to health protection begin to be emphasised.

„We have applied the ceiling cooling system in BBC 1 Plus, which produces no noxious airflow and noise and prevent moulds. Moreover, low depth of space from facade and the lighting designed especially for computer work places provide superior quality of natural as well as artificial light, “ said Radovan Mihálek, leasing manager of BBC 1 Plus.

In addition to an appropriate air-conditioning system there are also other technologies, for example  humidification or heating balanced system, providing a healthy working environment. 

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