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Living in symbiosis with the nature is possible in modern world as well. One of the ways how to treat nature well and protect environment is waste separation in workplace.

Results of measuring the level of separating waste of organisation ENVI-PAK say that the amount of produced municipal waste increased, othewise the amount of separated waste, comparing 2012, decreased.

Analysis says that each habitant of Slovakia produced 6 kg more municipal waste than in 2012. Separating the waste is one of the many ways how to underline necessity of recycling.

Separating is ecological and economical as well. Useless old-fashioned things can be use to create new ones. Being ecological to environment saves us money as well. People don’t realize that the waste can be also useful.

The most separated materials are paper, plastics and glass which are supported by placing numerous bins in society, but very important is education and generating positive opinions around it. Nowadays, it’s very common for many corporations to separate waste in workplace. This activity attracts attention to support pro – environment ideas.

 BBC 1 Plus Buildings have their own special waste bins (paper, glas, plastics, metals and municipalwaste). According the fact that it is certified green office building, separating is inclueded in regular terms and conditions for all tenants.

Placing recycle bins in workplace is easy way how to make emplyees separate the waste.

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