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Large open office space, as well as closed offices are increasingly tailored to the specific requirements of companies

It is obvious that the nature of the workplace significantly affects the efficiency, psychological well-being and satisfaction of employees. The definition of an ideal working environment does not exist, since it depends on many factors. From the employer's perspective, the choice of suitable premises primarily guided by pragmatic attributes that are, for example, location, rent and operating costs, number of employees and type of work. Large companies often place their teams in large open offices, known as open space or open office. In addition to reducing desktop space, They want to achieve higher productivity thanks to the flexible and rapid transmission of information and better interaction between employees and departments. Since open offices are located mainly in the modern administrative centers, people working in them also appreciate the availability of services and benefits that a building offers.

Despite these positives, the number of people working in open offices experience many disadvantages and discomfort associated particularly with the absence of privacy. Managers have employees all the time on the eyes, what could be for them profitable in terms of communications speed, cutting administration and control. But employees may feel constantly under surveillance. Just for the mentioned reasons, architects enrich currently open space areas on various rest areas where workers can relax and let off steam.

Individual approach

Companies consider the quality and type of office space in terms of they specific needs and requirements, space function, type of work, the layout and ergonomic equipment.

„Larger companies typically use the open space offices, which are designed to measure with regard to the company's focus and comfort of its employees,“ said leasing director of BBC 1 Plus Radovan Mihálek.

Classical offices are still attractive in terms of greater privacy, quieter environment and the possibility of individual arrange your workspace. They are used by smaller companies, which require concentration, creativity, intellectual work from their employees. The disadvantage of this solution is mainly lower efficiency of use of the premises.

„nests“ is a new trend in the arrangement of offices. The office space is split in some nests with six to eight tables, which are separated by a significant visual and acoustic barrier. There is also a number of areas where employees can relax or engage in favorite activities.

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