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The importance of a cycling support in the capital continues to grow. The designers of the first green office building in Bratislava BBC 1 Plus are also aware of its relevance.

Continually increasing number of cars in cities result in deterioration of the environment and air quality and a greater number of accidents and stressful situations. Many European cities try to solve this problem by various restrictions for cars in city centers, the promotion of public transport and the use of alternative transport. The importance of using bicycle in urban areas is constantly increasing. 

Bratislava versus Vienna

Approximately  two, maximum three per cent of people in Bratislava use a bike to travel to work, school or to shops. For comparison, in Vienna  the number is approximately seven percent. This situation is, of course, dependendant on the conditions of cycling trails structure. Vienna offers 930 km of bike routes, in Bratislava, it is about 110 km. Whereas in Bratislava these routes were built primarily for recreational cycling and are absent in the city, the bicycle is used only by a small percentage of the population.

In addition to the construction of bicycle rentals in cities, there are also some buildings supporting the cycling. The first certified green office building in Bratislava BBC 1 Plus is one of them.

"As Bratislava Business Center 1 Plus is a green building, we strive to offer our tenants the option of an alternative mode of transport. Therefore, we have a  safe and secure parking place for bicycles and also showers that can be used by empoyees before arrival to work," said Radovan Mihálek, the Director of Leasing in BBC 1 Plus.

Bicycles in European cities

Amsterdam is called as major cycling capital of Europe, since in this city with about 820000 inhabitants use a bike daily approximately an half a million people. Amsterdam strongly supports cycling, offering a number of bike rentals. Also in other European cities the bicycle gained mass popularity, for example in Copenhagen the bike transport constitutes 36 % of the city traffic. Additional metropoles that strongly support the cyclists are Rome, London, Paris and Berlin.

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